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More art, more connection, more life - Beyond is a unique gathering for seekers of meaning & magicTickets
In an increasingly disconnected world, spaces of true connection and presence are rare. Beyond exists to create, nurture and protect these spaces. We’re here to challenge conventional ideas and to explore deeper truths. Beyond is more than a festival... It’s a community in which those who have always felt there was something more, something beyond, connect to find purpose, meaning and magic.

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in Cappadocia

August 26th-29th 2021Cappadocia, Turkey

Nestled in an area of incredible natural beauty, Beyond in Cappadocia connects you with the cultural heritage and geological wonder of Cappadocia, combined with live music, acts, and emerging artists. Expect themed immersive parties, culinary adventures, provocative workshops from global thought leaders and awe-inspiring explorative wellness journeys.

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  • 01
    £300 Music Only
    This ticket is for Friday and Saturday evening music programme only
  • 02
    £1000 Classic Full Experience
    All inclusive ticket price per person
  • 03
    £1300 Deluxe Full Experience
    All inclusive ticket price per person
  • Friday night concert and party
  • Immersive Ball on Saturday night
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  • 3 nights accommodation in a double shared classic room at Yunak Evleri Hotel
  • 3 nights of music and dance at secret locations
  • Airport transfers
  • Breakfasts and dinners
  • Daytime workshops, wellness activations and talks by renowned speakers
  • Book
  • 3 nights accommodation in a double shared deluxe cave suite - a large 55 sq m room with a lounge
  • 3 nights of music and dance at secret locations
  • Airport transfers
  • Breakfasts and dinners
  • Daytime workshops, wellness activations and talks by renowned speakers
  • A one-on-one treatment of your choice
  • Book
All the profits from this year event go towards supporting communities affected by the wild fires in Turkey


The beyond community is about bringing together people who dare to dream that it is possible to change the world with a smile on your face. We hand pick each member, making sure each of them is a valuable addition to the community and the purpose behind it - leaving a lasting impact beyond the event by positively imprinting on the local economy, community and environment.



At Beyond, we celebrate the new perspectives that each place, piece of art, and musical experience can offer. Our programming is carefully designed to highlight the beauty of each place we go to through immersive storytelling, traditional knowledge preservation and reflection on region’s mythology at our dreamy, magical night events.



One of the best ways to experience a culture is through its cuisine. We take a fresh look at the traditional dishes of the region adding a healthy, modern twist. You also get to really get to know the people you support as a member of the community through food workshops taught by locals engaged at the Beyond Social Impact programme.



We incorporate meaningful wellness practices and healing rituals into everything we do. Beyond breathwork and meditation, we hold talks and workshops that are designed to allow you to carve out a new space for yourself and to carry this back home with you. At Beyond, we encourage our guests to explore ways of being and connecting to the world-ways that are more dynamic, more physically, mentally and spiritually fulfilling.

Social Impact

Social Impact

We take the impact that we leave behind very seriously. Founded by women, Beyond aims at helping women and youth in need of the regions we plug into. We work closely with local government and social good organisations to identify challenges of the region and raise funds in order to tackle them. We’re also plastic free!




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Where is the event located?
Cappadocia, Turkey
How do I get there?
There are multiple flights to Kayseri and Nevsehir airports from Istanbul.
How do I get from the airport to the hotel?
Your transfer is included in the price. As soon as you book your flight please
e-mail [email protected] and we’ll take it from there.
Can I extend my stay or come earlier?
Absolutely! The hotel is offering special rates for anyone wanting to extend their stay Please email us for more details or book and extra day on a ticket page.
Where should I go before or after the event in Turkey?
We will be sending out a guidebook together with special rates at partner hotels.
Do I need a visa for Turkey?
Turkey doesn’t require a visa for most countries. Please check entry requirements to be on the safe side.
Can I buy tickets without accommodation?
We recommend being with us for the entire experience, however, we have an option for those, who’d like to stay at a different hotel. This ticket type doesn’t include food or airport transfers.
Do you sell tickets at the door?
The ticketing website does not accept my credit cards. What should I do?
Please contact our support team at [email protected]
What is the capacity of the event?
This year's capacity is up to 250 people
How old must I be to attend the event?
How is the weather?
Weather in August in Cappadocia is fairly warm during the day with a maximum of 31C and a minimum during the night of 11C
What should I pack?
We recommend bringing the following: a hat, sunblock, swimsuit, a sweater, as the nights could get a bit chilly, an evening attire for Thursday welldone dinner, something relaxed to party in on Friday night and a costume for Saturday ball, moodboards will be shared shortly after you book.
Are hot air balloon rides included in my ticket?
They are not. You can book it with one of our team at arrival.
What is the daily schedule?
The final schedule will be sent before the event to all ticket holders.
What time do the night events end?
Thursday 12am, Friday 2:30am and Saturday after the sunrise :)
When do I need to checkout?
We offer a late check out on Sunday.
What wellness activities are included in my ticket?
All main stage and group wellness activities are included in the ticket price
What wellness activities do I need to book?
Private sessions with the practitioners and smaller workshops
What do I need to pay for?
Just the one-on-one treatments, alcohol and lunches.
Can I book directly there?
We will be offering a booking system allowing you to book before or during the event.
Cancelled or postponed event – can I get my money back?
In the event that Beyond in Cappadocia is cancelled or postponed due to a countrywide lockdown, please rest assured that we will issue a full refund for your ticket, excluding the booking fee. The lockdown restrictions pertain to the host country (Turkey) and/or the country that you are travelling from.

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